From Nostalgic Basketball Videos to Carmaker Flipbook Ads

 - Mar 16, 2016
These examples of heritage marketing make a point to spotlight significant moments, imagery and icons that have become intrinsic to a brand's identity over time.

Consumers craving authentic brand connections are being rewarded with commercials, campaigns and other advertisements that share incredible stories—the kinds that are so good, they couldn't have possibly been crafted by a marketing team. Examples of this include Hudson's Bay telling of the legendary Dr. John Rae and J.A. Baczewski having one of its vodka bottles returned after it was stolen in WWII. Using a flipbook-style animation, Honda even succeeded at condensing its entire history into a two-minute video.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, some brands are even reviving old advertisements in new ways, such as the Nestlé 'Sweet Memories' campaign and the 'Re-Issue Project' from Calvin Klein, which has Kate Moss' young sister model denim pieces she originally wore in the 90s.