J.A. Baczewski Tells the Story of a Vodka Bottle Stolen in WWII

In this alcohol ad, Józef Adam Baczewski shares some of its rich history as a Polish spirit brand from the times of the second world war. In 'The Last Bottle,' J.A. Baczewski tells the story behind a vodka bottle that was stolen by 94-year-old Stefan Plazek, who wanted to return the valuable bottle to the its rightful owner.

This opportunity turned into a great opportunity for the brand to share some of its roots, providing some insight to the role it played in history. Now, this bottle with a great story has been donated to the Museum of Vodka in Warsaw.

In contrast to many of today's products that lack longevity and are quickly thrown out, J.A. Baczewski proudly shares how one of its vodka bottles has been treasured since 1945.