This Device Helps Women Carry Their Reusable Sanitary Pads

'Flo' is a new device that allows women to discreetly carry and clean their reusable sanitary pads. For women in many parts of the world, the stigma associated with menstruation can lead to humiliation and isolation. In some cases, girls are forced to drop out of school entirely when they reach the age of menarche.

Flo seeks to help women avoid the shame of menstruation by providing them with a discreet and hygienic way of handling their periods. The multi-purpose device is composed of two bowls, a small basket and a handle. Girls can then use this device to carry and wash their reusable sanitary pads. Flo thus provides an alternative solution for women deal with their periods in a way that is less disruptive to their lives.

The device is not only convenient, but it also provides an inexpensive alternative to disposable sanitary products.