From Chic Blood Sugar Bands to Frugal Fitness Monitors

 - Dec 18, 2015
Today's health wearables are about so much more than just measuring heart rate, calories, steps taken or the number of hours a person has slept. Now that these devices have proven themselves to be an effective way for consumers to take health into their own hands, wearables are becoming hyper-targeted to suit specific issues.

There are now a range of devices just for swimmers, infants, pregnant women, athletes and even drivers. Rather than trying to be a cure-all for all of life's ailments, wearable bands, devices and jewelry pieces are now being devoted to tracking and treating a very specific data. For instance, the RefliefBand is a watch-like band that prevents nausea, Raymio provides sun protection advice and Cur's drug-free patch is an effective pain management solution.

The biggest challenge that the most competitive tech companies are now facing is the development of devices and platforms that will encourage widespread adoption of health wearables by balancing fitness tracking and medical applications.