The ReliefBand Uses Programmed Pulses to Help Users Avoid Sickness

 - Dec 17, 2015
References: reliefband & chicagobusiness
As the rise of wearables for health and fitness continues, developers are beginning to explore new avenues for specifically managing diabetes, pregnancy, chronic pain and in the case of ReliefBand, nausea.

This wearable device is described as a "drug-free remedy for nausea and vomiting" onset by either morning or motion sickness, as well as feelings of nausea that come on after operations.

The watch-like band delivers personalized electrical impulses to the underside of the wearer's wrist. These pulses are ultra-specific, tailored to the right frequency in order to block waves of nausea that are sent to the body through the stomach. After being cleared by the FDA and sold through the medical community, ReliefBand is now targeting consumers who are plagued by sickness.