This Wearable Device is Specially Designed to Lower Stress Levels

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: caeden & bustle
'Sona' is a smart bracelet that is specially designed to lower stress levels. For many people, stress is an inevitable part of daily life. However, some people become so stressed that it begins to impact their quality of life.

Sona is designed for busy consumers who are trying to get their stress under control. Instead of simply telling consumers when they are stressed out, the device helps consumers improve their resilience to mental and physical stress. The device itself is a smart bracelet that connects to the accompanying 'Caeden App' via Bluetooth. The bracelet and app can be used to track a user's Heart Rate Variability, which is an indicator of stress and anxiety. The app helps each user combat a low Heart Rate Variability though resonant breathing exercises. According to the manufacturer, the goal of the bracelet is to help "modern, driven individuals approach their goals with greater calm and focus."

The app ultimately helps consumers lower their stress levels and learn to cope with everyday anxiety.