From Elongated Coupe Seats to Luxe Airline Cabin Beds

 - Nov 25, 2016
These VIP seating innovations range from elongated coupe seats to airline cabin beds that are changing the way we experience luxury. When looking at innovative examples of car interiors and seating, standouts include Volvo's 'Excellence' child seat concept and Maserati's custom interior that was designed in collaboration with luxe menswear label Zegna.

While Volvo's child seat concept replaces a backseat installation with a front seat extension -- ensuring parents are able to have their eyes on babies at all times -- Maserati's Zegna collaboration fuses style with function and mimics the fashion brand's signature and sleek aesthetic.

When looking at airline cabins and train interiors, notable examples include a lavish passenger train by Japanese railway manufacturer Ichibansen -- equipped with a lounge that features curved and colorful seating -- along with Thomson Airways's hybrid seating which allows families to face one another while traveling by plane.