The Cessna Longitude Offers Hyper-Comfortable Business Travel

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: cessna.txtav & investor.textron
Aviation company Cessna has gone ahead and tested a wonderful new business aircraft, dubbed the Citation Longitude, that is well and truly targeted towards business travel. Indeed this particular aircraft is capable of carrying up to a dozen passengers only, which speaks to its commitment to quality over quantity.

What's great about this business aircraft is the fact that it boasts exceptionally low cabin pressure for added comfort and safety. The aircraft also features the kinds of features that high-powered executives would appreciate, such as high-speed Internet, as well as general luxuries such as walk-in baggage storage and a double-club arrangement.

The aircraft's maximum cruising speed of 882 km/h also promises to get people from place to place quickly, making it an excellent all-round business travel solution.