From Artistic Coding Bots to Modular Styrofoam Drones

 - Nov 26, 2016
These November 2016 robots range from artistic coding bots to modular styrofoam drones that are both sophisticated and cost-effective. When looking at the month's convenience-focused innovations, standouts include digital airport assistants that cut check-in lines in half while reducing wait times in the process. Similarly, a myriad of smart kitchen accessories are also on the rise, including wine-serving robots that make at-home entertaining an easy feat.

The month's educational examples include expressive coding toys along with voice-activated robots that are designed to help with children's growth and development. Additional standouts range from customizable and even election-themed chatbots that are created to intuitively communicate with users. In addition to asking one questions, these platforms are also able to reciprocate information and answer specific questions in seconds.