Atticus Motors' 'Robocar' is a

 - Oct 29, 2016
References: atticusmotors & treehugger
The 'Robocar' is a semi-autonomous EV from Atticus Motors that could be in production as early as 2020 for a price of just $25,000.

As it stands, the model features a body-less chassis that is capable of holding up to four people, with semi-autonomous technology that is capable of protecting passengers from unexpected dangers on the road. In the future Atticus Motors envisions its Robocar has the potential to be a "100% automated pod." As its website states: "Full autonomy will be achieved with off the shelf systems already being developed by major suppliers."

While there are some large companies that are already planning to roll out fully autonomous electric vehicles, the Robocar shows the potential for people to create their own affordable, safe and practical vehicles for local transportation.