From 3D-Printed Skateboards to Supercar Funeral Hearses

 - Nov 27, 2016
The top November 2016 transportation ideas put a spotlight on the future of autonomous driving, as well as explore possible modifications that can be made to familiar vehicle shapes.

As of late, several major companies have put a real push on getting autonomous vehicles on the road. This includes Tesla announcing that its entire fleet will be equipped with self-driving hardware, Uber launching a test series of autonomous rideshare cars and Otto Big Rigs self-delivering cases of Budweiser beer.

In terms of transportation concepts that play with modifying familiar forms, some of the best examples of this are the Maserati Hearse by Ellena Auto, SD3D's 3D-printed skateboard and BMW's Motorrad Vision Next 100, which is designed to be so safe that its rider does not need to wear a helmet.