SD3D Created a Fully Functional Skateboard with Additive Manufacturing

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: & 3dprint
From the trucks to the wheels to the board itself, this 3D-printed skateboard boasts an incredible custom construction.

The creators of the board, SD3D, took inspiration from a 3D-printed deck design on Thingverse, which the team improved upon in order to prevent bowing in the middle section. From there, the rest of the skateboard's components were created with a variety of different materials and printing technologies, which ultimately led to the creation of the fully 3D-printed skateboard.

The 3D-printed skateboard was sent to Braille Skateboarding, a popular YouTube channel, for rigorous testing. While the board did eventually snaps as part of the trial run, the team from the media channel seems to be quite impressed with the board made entirely with additive manufacturing.