- Nov 27, 2016
The top November 2016 eco design ideas have consumers looking to the future of reusing, reducing and recycling.

At this point in time, many consumers are no longer enchanted with the idea that purchasing an item that is branded is sustainable will save the planet. Now, conscious consumers are taking steps towards conserving resources and reducing waste in general, be it a shower attachment that prevents excess hot water from going straight down the drain or a reusable material that replaces a single-use plastic that quickly ends up in the trash. Specific examples of this include the award-winning silicone Stasher bags, the Kami no Tsubo vases, which turn old plastic bottles into art pieces, and Bhagavat Life's Wellness Meals, which are given to customers in plastic-free containers.

From Tree-Filled Homes to Ethical Comfort Clothing: