Caloi's 'Car Addicts Support Group' Brings Attention to Urban Mobility

To celebrate this year's World Carfree Day, Caloi launched a campaign to discuss urban mobility.

Salve, a Brazilian digital advertising agency and member of Grupo ABC (part of Omnicom Group), created a fake cause to celebrate this year's World Carfree Day. Looking for a fun way to talk about those drivers that overuse their cars and engage the public, the Car Addicts Support Group was created. Caloi, Brazil's biggest bicycle company, was a proud sponsor of the movement.

Urban mobility is a subject that has been highly discussed in the big cities all over the world, and the results of over use of cars may become not only a traffic problem, but also a social question. Salve decided to shed some light on people who just can’t change their habits and always choose their cars as a solution, and found a way of talking about it using an analogy that everyone could understand.

The characters of the film share their experience in a fun way, talking about their own car addiction. The campaign also includes a hotsite and a fan page on Facebook where the public can find more information about new ways of moving throughout the city and maybe recover from their car dependency.