From Winter Sport Wings to Alluring Activewear Collections

 - Jan 29, 2017
The 2016 sports trends seem to indicate that interest in sports is expanding beyond the traditional games and activities. Rather than focusing exclusively on the five or so sports that are hugely popular thanks to their professional leagues, the 2016 sports trends emphasize alternative approaches to fitness and athletics. To learn about those implications going into the new year, our FREE 2017 Trend Report can give depth and insight.

Many of the sports and activities highlighted in the top 2016 sports trends are unconventional and extreme. Skiing is a relatively unexceptional winter sport, but the 'Wingjump' suits let adrenaline-seeking skiers catch extra air. Further, the 'H2O Ninja Mask' is a specialized full-face snorkeling mask for swimmers in tropical waters.

Athletics have increased in popularity even among people who aren't much for specific sports or games, and fitness products are a great outlet for those people. The Reebok x Tristan Eaton 'Graffiti Collage Collection,' for example, is attractive activewear that's great for exercising.