'beSEEN' Cycling Gloves Activate When Hands are Removed from the Handlebars

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The number of consumers who are riding bicycles is showing steady signs of increasing, so the 'beSEEN' cycling gloves are intended to make it safer for everyone on the road. Packed with motion-detection technology, the 'beSEEN' gloves can sense when your hands have been removed from the handlebars. When this occurs, the LED indicator will activate and begin to blink brightly to ensure that pedestrians, other cyclists and motorists see you clearly.

Many bicycle lights and indicators are oftentimes designed to be affixed onto the bicycle itself rather than be more flexible in nature like the 'beSEEN' cycle gloves. Those looking to get their hands on a pair (literally) can head over to the brand's Kickstarter campaign to pledge for an early bird pair.