From Dystopian Store Mannequins to Inflatable Model Photography

 - May 30, 2016
These May 2016 fashion trends range from minimalist swimsuit collections to dystopian store mannequins that rival traditional retail props. In addition to the month's outstanding fashion editorials -- from whimsical image sets that highlight conceptual makeup artistry to candid influencer portraits that reject the use of Photoshop -- other standouts include specialized retail innovations that target niche audiences.

In addition to the growing popularity of menswear-specific clothing and accessory subscription services, other notable May 2016 fashion innovations include gender-fluid undergarments, pop star activewear offerings and plus-sized swimwear lines that promote body positivity while targeting a diverse demographic that is often overlooked by mass retailers.

Light-powered smartwatches and viral cat hairstyles round off this collection and are examples that will appeal to tech-conscious fashion fans.