The 3BEE Bicycle is a 3D-Printed Sci-Fi Design

 - May 2, 2016
References: yankodesign
The future of the bike is here and it comes in the form of the 3BEE Bicycle. With a super sleek frame that is unlike anything currently on the market, it could easily have been a prototype for a sci-fi movie. Granted, filmmakers would probably want to make the 3BEE Bicycle be able to fly or something equally futuristic.

Designed by Tamás Túri, the 3BEE Bicycle is made through a process of 3D-printing. It was inspired by the shape of the human body and is meant to adjust to specific measurements with ease. This functional personalization results in a customized look every time. The 3BEE Bicycle shows that frames should be able to adapt to individuals for a range of reasons -- namely comfort and safety.