From Dual-Seat Electric Bikes to Hydrogen Snow Vehicles

 - Jan 28, 2017
Transportation is likely the most important arena for effecting real systemic improvements for the environment, and the 2016 transportation trends consistently endeavor to do so. Virtually every form of transportation has an eco-friendly option associated with it, from cars to trucks to bicycles and beyond.

Of all the 2016 transportation trends that revolve around environmental sustainability, bicycles have seen the biggest surge. The mode of transportation is already green on its own, but several new products have been released to make it more efficient and practical as an everyday mode of transportation. It might be difficult to see where bicycles can go from here, but that's where our FREE 2017 Trend Report can help.

Not all of the sustainable transportation developments relate to vehicles, however. Infrastructure has the potential to help just as much. 'Oslo Solar' is a building designed specifically for the needs of cyclists and electric vehicle-drivers, and AO Architects has conceived of a fully enclosed highway system that will relieve smog in Chinese cities.