This Company Makes High-Functioning Bikes for Eco-Friendly Transport

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: volatacycles & facebook
These high-tech bikes integrate cycling and technology with a useful digital display.

'Volata Cycles' is a San Francisco and Milan-based company that offers unique high-tech bikes that offer a range of features. The bikes come with an integrated display that connects to smartphones to allow the user to see directions, weather, play music and see any notifications or calls they may have received -- all while maintaining focus on the road. The bike also has important safety features such as automatic lights and a horn, while the bike's battery charges with the energy created from pedaling. The bike also has an anti-theft system that when activated has a motion detector, alarm and GPS locator to prevent people from stealing the bike, or to help find the bike if it is stolen.

This high-tech bike's safety features and technological display would make it desirable for urban commuters.