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Becoming more than just a way to get from point A to point B, transportation is evolving to not only accommodate user needs, but heighten user experiences. Showcasing the latest in automobile innovation to trends in commuting and sustainable travel, this category is here to offer a glimpse into the ever-changing world of transportation.
Off-Road-Ready Electric Motorcycles
Off-Road-Ready Electric Motorcycles
The E-Racer Rugged was Shown Off at the EICMA Motorcycle Show
Many of the personal electric transportation solutions on or coming to the market are built with urban environments in mind, but the E-Racer Rugged aims to take things in a decidedly off-road-ready... MORE
Self-Balancing Electric Scooters
Self-Balancing Electric Scooters
The SUPERRIDE Electric Unicycle S800 Offers 20mph of Speed
The SUPERRIDE Electric Unicycle S800 is an eco-friendly transportation solution for urban commuters and avid explorers alike that will offer them a way to get around town on their own terms. The... MORE
Top 100 Transportation Trends in 2019
Top 100 Transportation Trends in 2019
From Accessible Driverless Shuttles to Zero Emission Planes
A number of different 2019 transportation trends emerged to provide consumers with new ways of getting around. Many of the 2019 transportation trends cater to the growing demand for sustainability... MORE
Acceleration-Restricted Electric Vehicles
Acceleration-Restricted Electric Vehicles
Mazda Designed Its EV to Operate Like a Gas-Powered Car
Mazda reduced the power and range of EV in order to make it operate more similarly to a gas-powered car. The ‘MX-30’ now takes nine seconds to accelerate to 60 MPH, and the torque was... MORE
High-Performance Electric Bikes
High-Performance Electric Bikes
The 'Spinciti' Powerful Electric Bike Hits a 28mph Top Speed
The ‘Spinciti’ powerful electric bike is an eco-friendly transportation solution for users who are seeking a next-generation way to get around town. The high-performance bike offers a... MORE
Ergonomic Shoulder-Friendly Scooters
Ergonomic Shoulder-Friendly Scooters
The La Galoche Kick Scooter is Easily Carried When Not in Use
The La Galoche kick scooter is an analog piece of transportation equipment for urbanites that will offer them an ergonomically stylish way to get around town. Designed by the Désormeaux/Carrette... MORE
Aftermarket Automotive Electric Motors
Aftermarket Automotive Electric Motors
The Electric GT Crate Motors Convert Gas-Powered Cars
The Electric GT crate motors are a range of aftermarket conversion kits for gas-powered automobiles that will enable them to be switched over for an emissions-free functionality. The motors are... MORE
Electric Snow-Ready Vehicles
Electric Snow-Ready Vehicles
The Bobsla Electric Snow Kart Reaches Speeds Over 20mph
The Bobsla electric snow kart is a robust vehicle that’s ready to tackle wintery environments and provide operators with an effective way to get around in sub-zero environments. The vehicle is... MORE
Mindful Paving
Roads and pavement adapt to the changing environment and the eco-conscious consumer
Trend - Urban infrastructure is tailored to address the consequences of climate change and eco concerns motivate innovations in the process of paving. Whether it is highways that can charge your car or sidewalks that can handle heavy rainfall, paving is optimized to be eco-friendly, cost-effective and functional.
Workshop Question - How can your business introduce a sustainable add-on to consumer lives?
Wireless Taxi Charging Tests
Wireless Taxi Charging Tests
The UK Government Invested in a Wireless Chargers for Taxis
The United Kingdom government is beginning a trial to test wireless taxi charging. In total, the government is making an investment equivalent to 4.43 million USD to run the test for a period of six... MORE
Rugged Retro-Inspired eBikes
Rugged Retro-Inspired eBikes
The Super73-S1 Electric Bike Has a High-End Design
The Super73-S1 electric bike is an efficient transportation solution that balances an eco-friendly functionality with rugged style to offer riders a balanced option. The bike has a retro-style... MORE
Vehicle Charging Stations
Vehicle Charging Stations
Electrify Canada Debuted 6 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Ontario
Electrify Canada recently announced the launch of six ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations across the province of Ontario. The new stations will soon be operational in London, Barrie, and... MORE
Autonomous Rideshare Taxis
Autonomous Rideshare Taxis
The Cruise Origin Offers Ample Space for Passengers to Relax
The Cruise Origin has been launched by the brand as an autonomous transportation solution that aims to optimize the passenger experience by completely rethinking vehicle design. Looking almost like... MORE
Flying Taxi Automotive Investments
Flying Taxi Automotive Investments
Toyota Placed a Significant Investment in Joby Aviation
Toyota recently made a $349 million USD investment in a flying taxi company, named Joby Aviation. Following the investment, the two organizations will work to produce an eVolt. Joby Aviation will... MORE
Electric Sedan Unveiling Events
Electric Sedan Unveiling Events
Lucid Motors Stated That It Will Showcase the Lucid Air in April
Lucid Motors indicated that it will reveal its electric sedan, named the ‘Lucid Air,’ in April. The car is scheduled to be revealed in New York, and it was initially announced in 2016.... MORE
Luxury Hybrid SUV Announcements
Luxury Hybrid SUV Announcements
Lamborghini Announced at CES a Hybrid Powertrian for the Urus SUV
Lamborghini revealed at CES 2020 that it will create a hybrid powertrain that will be used for its Urus SUV. The announcement was made by Maurizio Reggiani, who is the head of the companies research... MORE
Home EV Charger Systems
Home EV Charger Systems
Wallbox Created the Quasar Which Features Bidirectional Charging
Wallbox created a new home EV charger, titled the ‘Quasar,’ which is compatible with both Type 1 connectors, and CHAdeMO chargers. The home EV charger also features bidirectional... MORE
Powerful Urban Commuter Scooters
Powerful Urban Commuter Scooters
The GOTRAX Xr Hides a 300W Motor in a Compact Design
The GOTRAX Xr folding electric scooter is a powerful transportation solution for urbanites who are seeking to get around on their own terms without the need for conventional automobile. Powered by a... MORE
play_circle_filled Single-Speed Transmission Electric Motorcycles
Single-Speed Transmission Electric Motorcycles
Segway Revealed Its Electric Motorcycle Concept
Segway recently unveiled the APEX, which is a new electric motorcycle concept that it produced alongside one of its subsidiaries, Ninebot. Currently, the APEX is only a concept and there are no... MORE
play_circle_filled Electronics Company Cars Launches
Electronics Company Cars Launches
Sony Unveiled the VISION-S Prototype, a New Electric Car
Sony, the renowned Japanese producer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment technologies, recently expanded its business model with the launch of a new electric car—... MORE
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in December
Top 25 Eco Transportation Ideas in December
From Electric Camper Vans to Net-Zero Airline Flights
The top December 2019 eco transportation ideas explore a range of sustainable ways people are getting around using vehicles of all sizes. When it comes to personal transportation, consumers are... MORE
Comfort-Focused Commuter eBikes
Comfort-Focused Commuter eBikes
The SDREAM Ur Electric Bike Prevents Riding Fatigue
The SDREAM Ur electric bike is a comfort-focused personal transportation solution for urban consumers who are looking to take more control over their daily commute. The bike comes in three models... MORE
Efficiency-Focused EV Software Updates
Efficiency-Focused EV Software Updates
The Jaguar I-Pace Revived an Update Extending Its Range
The Jaguar I-Pace recently received a new software update that is able to increase the range of the car by 12 miles. The increased range can be attributed to the company increasing the efficiency of... MORE
Self-Balancing Commuter Scooters
Self-Balancing Commuter Scooters
The 'Mantour X' Foldable Scooter is Made with Durable Materials
The ‘Mantour X’ electric scooter is a premium transportation solution for urban consumers who are looking to take control of their commute. The scooter is characterized by its... MORE
Ultra-Efficient Urbanite eBikes
Ultra-Efficient Urbanite eBikes
The 'NAWA' eBike Has a Range of 186 Miles on a Single Charge
The ‘NAWA’ eBike is an impressive transportation solution for those who live in urban areas who are looking for a way to ditch traditional cars and/or a reliance on public transit. The... MORE