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Becoming more than just a way to get from point A to point B, transportation is evolving to not only accommodate user needs, but heighten user experiences. Showcasing the latest in automobile innovation to trends in commuting and sustainable travel, this category is here to offer a glimpse into the ever-changing world of transportation.
Accessible Urban Commuter Motorcycles
Accessible Urban Commuter Motorcycles
The Sondors Metacycle Offers a Range of 80 Miles
The Sondors Metacycle is a new take on the classic motorcycle that will provide riders with a relatively low-cost option that is stylish, emissions-free and fun to ride. The bike is priced at $5,000... MORE
Console-Inspired Electric Motorcycles
Console-Inspired Electric Motorcycles
The Conceptual PlayStation 5 Motorcycle is Unexpected
The conceptual PlayStation 5 motorcycle has been designed by Artem Smirnov as an ultra-modern transportation solution that draws inspiration from the namesake Sony gaming console. The motorcycle... MORE
Lightweight Storage-Equipped eBikes
Lightweight Storage-Equipped eBikes
The Conceptual 'GEO' eBike is Stylishly Functional
The conceptual ‘GEO’ eBike is a stylish eco transportation solution for urbanites who are in need of a way to get around on their own schedule, while also keeping essentials with them at... MORE
Nomadic Off-Grid Exploration Vehicles
Nomadic Off-Grid Exploration Vehicles
The Conceptual Jeep Ger/D-nomad Hub by B.K. Kang is Electric
The conceptual Jeep Ger/D-nomad Hub has been designed by B.K. Kang as an electric vehicle for avid explorers that will enable them to stay comfortable when exploring off-grid locations at their... MORE
Backpack-Friendly Electric Scooters
Backpack-Friendly Electric Scooters
The WheelKinetic 'BooZter' is Compact and Efficient
The WheelKinetic ‘BooZter’ electric scooter is a compact transportation solution for urbanites or commuters alike that will help them to get around short distances in an efficient manner.... MORE
Collaboration Eco-Conscious Motorcycles
Collaboration Eco-Conscious Motorcycles
The EV-1K/56 Electric Motorcycle is Stylishly Finished
The EV-1K/56 electric motorcycle has been unveiled as a new collaboration between the Katalis Company and Machine 56 as a two-wheeled transportation solution that aims to pay respect to the past as... MORE
Eco-Friendly Small Business Trucks
Eco-Friendly Small Business Trucks
The Canoo Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle is Fully Electric
The Canoo Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) is a new offering from the Los Angeles-based company to help satisfy the needs of small businesses as well as larger commercial outfits. The all-... MORE
Autonomous Electric Tractors
Autonomous Electric Tractors
The Monarch Electric Tractor is Positioned as the World's Smartest
The Monarch Electric Tractor is positioned as one of the world’s smartest farming solutions that will provide administrators with a seamless way to get items around an area in an emissions-... MORE
Dedicated Factory
Automotive companies are creating dedicated facilities to produce EVs
Trend - Companies in the automotive industry are creating dedicated facilities to produce electric cars. Creating dedicated facilities allows these companies to customize production methods for electric vehicles. Additionally, it allows these organizations to produce electric cars at peak efficiently, and offer better prices to consumers.
Workshop Question - How can your organization efficiently serve the needs of eco-conscious consumers?
Shared Urban Mobility Vehicles
Shared Urban Mobility Vehicles
The Renault EZ-1 Prototype Has a Two-Seater Design
The Renault EZ-1 Prototype has been unveiled by the brand as a futuristic vehicle designed to deliver enhanced mobility for urbanites in a shared manner. The vehicle is focused on ride sharing and... MORE
Shapeshifting Family-Friendly Vehicles
Shapeshifting Family-Friendly Vehicles
The Conceptual 'One Line' Modular Vehicle is Intuitive
The conceptual ‘One Line’ modular vehicle has been designed by JungSoo Lee as a family-friendly transportation solution that would work effectively for all members of the household. The... MORE
Single-Seat eVTOL Vehicles
Single-Seat eVTOL Vehicles
The Cadillac eVTOL Imagines the Future of Transportation at CES 2021
The Cadillac eVTOL was shown off by General Motors at CES 2021 as a futuristic vision of transportation that would drastically transform how we think about getting around our cities. The flying... MORE
Solar Cell-Sheathed Vehicles
Solar Cell-Sheathed Vehicles
This Second-Generation Electric Vehicle Has 248 Photovoltaic Panels
The Sion electric vehicle created plenty of attention when it was first put up for pre-order a few years ago, but the second-generation electric vehicle recently unveiled at CES 2021 has well and... MORE
Electricity Sharing Bus Concepts
Electricity Sharing Bus Concepts
The 'Publictube' Electric Bus Concept is Powerbank-Inspired
The ‘Publictube’ electric bus concept has been designed by Andy Kim as a futuristic take on public transportation that would work to increase infrastructure capabilities and maximize... MORE
Elegant Luxury Hybrid SUVs
Elegant Luxury Hybrid SUVs
The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid SUV Offers Enhanced Efficiency
The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid SUV has been unveiled by the high-end automotive brand as one of its latest offerings that will provide discerning drivers with a more efficient option for everyday... MORE
Drone-Equipped Electric Motorcycles
Drone-Equipped Electric Motorcycles
The Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle Has its Own Drone
The Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle has been designed by Vinay Raj Somashekar as a modern transportation solution for riders who are looking to experience the next-generation of personal... MORE
Nostalgic Electric Car Campaigns
Nostalgic Electric Car Campaigns
Ford Launched a "Christmas Vacation" Ad for the Electric Mustang
Ford launched an ad promoting the electric Mustang with cast members from the famous film, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” the 60-second ad aired on Saturday Night Live’s Christmas... MORE
Electric Italian Scooter Designs
Electric Italian Scooter Designs
The Conceptual Vespa ELETTRA Modernizes a Classic
The conceptual Vespa ELETTRA has been designed by the MA-DE Studio as a modernized version of the original Piaggio Vespa that would deliver impressive capabilities for riders to appreciate in urban... MORE
Commuter Communication Pods
Commuter Communication Pods
The 'Concept Bubble' Enhances Interaction with Strangers
Commuting between locations for work or leisure purposes has become a somewhat isolated experience, so the ‘Concept Bubble’ has been designed as a way to help consumers interact with... MORE
Dual-Motor Electric Scooters
Dual-Motor Electric Scooters
The Varla Eagle One Scooter Offers a Top Speed of 40mph
The Varla Eagle One dual-motor electric scooter is an impressive transportation solution for commuters, urbanites and explorers alike that will enable them to get around on their own terms. The... MORE
Interchangeable Electric Scooter Systems
Interchangeable Electric Scooter Systems
The 'eMotion' Modular Transportation Platform is Modern
The conceptual ‘eMotion’ modular transportation platform is an interchangeable solution for use in factory or warehouse facilities in an effort to make getting around these larger scale... MORE
High-Power Commuter eBikes
High-Power Commuter eBikes
The e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter eBike Has a 1,000W Motor
The e-JOE ONYX sports class commuter eBike is a powerful transportation solution for urbanites and commuters alike that will enable them to get around town on their own terms. The bike is focused on... MORE
Quiet Motor Electric Bikes
Quiet Motor Electric Bikes
The Ride1UP Roadster v2 Weighs in at Just 32 Pounds
The Ride1UP Roadster v2 electric bike is a well-equipped eco transportation solution for commuters that will enable them to get around town on their own terms. The bike weighs in at 32 pounds and is... MORE
Five-Speed Weather-Resistant eScooters
Five-Speed Weather-Resistant eScooters
The Kilker Electric Scooter Can be Charged Up in 2.5 Hours
The Kilker electric scooter is a high-power piece of transportation equipment for urbanites who are looking for a way together around town in an eco-friendly manner that doesn’t require them... MORE
Limited-Edition Automobile Brand eBikes
Limited-Edition Automobile Brand eBikes
The Mercedes EQ eBike Offers Up to 100km of Range
The Mercedes EQ eBike has been unveiled as a new transportation solution created in partnership with NPlus Bikes to offer riders a high-quality ride for getting around town on one’s own terms.... MORE