From GPS-Integrated Activity Trackers to Ultra-Thin Yoga Mats

 - Dec 24, 2016
From high-tech activity trackers to ultra-portable yoga mats, these gifts for fitness enthusiasts are perfect for those who aren't waiting until January 1st to set their exercise goals.

For the fitness addict on your list who is obsessed with improving his or her stats, a high-tech wearable is the way to go. Unlike the paltry step-counters of the past, today's fitness trackers can measure everything from calories burned to a person's sleep cycle. Some high-tech fitness tracker options include the GPS-integrated Vivosmart HR+, the advice-offering Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS Watch and the body mass-measuring TomTom Touch.

Of course, there are also gifts for fitness enthusiasts who take a more holistic approach to exercise. For those who would rather work out in the comfort of their home than in the gym, some excellent gift options include instructional yoga mats, cut-out pilates socks and advanced workout fitness balls.