The Level Glasses from VSP Vision Care Track Health and Fitness

 - Oct 1, 2016
References: vspglobal & techcrunch
Technically speaking, eyeglasses are already a sort of medical product, requiring a doctor for the prescription and solving a bodily deficiency, but the new Level glasses from VSP Vision Care turn consumers' eyeglasses into the doctors themselves.

VSP Vision Cares Level glasses are like other health and fitness wearables in many ways. They come with a magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope to track things like steps, activity, and calories burned. Since the devices are worn just like regular glasses, though, they can also access optic medical information that other wrist-worn wearables can't.

For instance, eye exams are capable of detecting serious medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and multiple sclerosis. The Level device, though not currently commercially available, may eventually be able to monitor wearers' eyes and check for these conditions regularly.