'Stealth' is a Core Trainer That Connects to Consumers' Smartphones

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
Stealth is a workout device that uses a smartphone app to trick its user into breezing through intense workouts. The system consists of a platform for actually conducting the exercise and an accompanying game to makes that exercise fun.

Stealth's hardware consists of a trapezoidal platform that exercisers rest their forearms against while doing the plank (a difficult but effective core exercise in which one holds herself up in an augmented push-up position.) The trapezoid has a space in the center for a smartphone. After users have downloaded the Stealth app, they place their phones in the slot during workouts and play the game.

Stealth offers more than a simple distraction; users have to work hard to pass challenges in the Stealth game. By leaning the platform in different directions, exercisers move a crosshair onto targets around the screen, adding a new dimension to a traditional workout.