The 'SpineGym' Helps Users Carry Out Back and Ab Exercises

 - May 4, 2016
References: & kickstarter
The 'SpineGym' is a Kickstarter-funded fitness machine that helps users with back and ab exercises. Back pain is an extremely common ailment, however it can sometimes be alleviated with correct exercise of the back and abdominal muscles. This machine helps users carry out the kinds of exercises that relieve back pain so that they can carry out everyday tasks with ease.

The SpineGym consists of a flat platform attached to two carbon composite poles. Users stand between the polls and use the machine's tension to perform different exercises. The vertical poles create just enough resistance to help users strengthen their back and abdominal muscles in a way that helps to relive back pain. The machine is designed to offer an alternative to exercises such as planking, which target the core, but often result in back pain.

With more consumers turning to at-home solutions to common ailments, the SpineGym provides the perfect option for relieving back pain.