The TomTom 'Touch' Fitness Tracker Keeps an Eye on Body Fat

 - Sep 1, 2016
References: newatlas
There's certainly no shortage of health trackers on the market today, but the TomTom 'Touch' fitness tracker looks to help offer users a different kind of health data.

The TomTom 'Touch' works by measuring active time, steps, calories burned, sleep time and distance walked, but it also measures one other thing: body mass. Users can see how much body fat and muscle mass they have in addition to the usual data like heart rate and activity levels.

The TomTom 'Touch' fitness tracker is aimed at enabling consumers to pinpoint how certain lifestyle choices (say, diets) can affect their overall weight in the grander scheme. The device comes as one of the new wave of health trackers that are becoming more focused on overall health and well-being rather than just the usual data points.