From Football Team Hashtag Emojis to Collaborative Tennis Apparel

 - Oct 30, 2016
These October 2016 sports trends range from football team hashtag emojis to collaborative tennis apparel lines that fuse uniformed and streetwear inspirations. When looking at sports fandom, innovations like streamlined game broadcasts are making the act of watching sports at home a more immersive and customizable experience for all.

Similarly, team-specific sports apps like Big Ten Network's college football platform offer comprehensive coverage and live updates that cater to a young demographic of fans. When looking at the month's other notable sport innovations, standouts include sparkling, illuminated and multifunctional soccer and basketball jerseys as well as workout staples that are designed with aesthetics, comfort and most importantly durability in mind.

Additional October 2016 sports trends include a myriad of groundbreaking footwear styles like Shimano's 'S-PHYRE' cycling shoes that offer support while boosting a wearer's performance levels.