PowerBar's Gel Blasts are Designed Fueling Strenuous Workouts

 - Sep 20, 2016
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In an effort to cater to consumers looking for an easier way to fuel their workouts, PowerBar has created an innovative product called 'Gel Blasts.' The chewable energy tablets combines all the same benefits of an energy bar in an easy-to-eat format that can be consumed on the go.

The PowerBar Energy Blasts are liquid-filled energy chews that are designed to provide consumers with the burst of energy they need for high-intensity activities such as weight training, rock climbing or football. Each tablet is packed with a high dose of carbohydrates for energy and endurance. The tablets also contain the necessary caloric intake to fuel longer workouts. Additionally, the size of each tablet makes them easy to consume quickly as soon as an extra boost of energy is needed.