From Portable Pizza Rolls to Yogurt-Based Oatmeal Cups

 - Sep 22, 2016
From portable pizza rolls to yogurt-based oatmeal cups, the September 2016 food product trends reveal that snacks remain in high demand among consumers. This demand for bite-sized treats is particularly prevalent among millennials, who are looking for on-the-go options that can help them keep hunger at bay.

One food category that has seen a major shift in consumption is that of breakfast products. Instead of sitting down to eat a bowl of cereal or whip up some scrambled eggs, consumers are increasingly looking for portable, snack-sized breakfast solutions that can be enjoyed on the run. Some examples of these breakfast-oriented snack foods include fruity cottage cheeses, organic trail mix bars and portable yogurt tubes.

The September 2016 food product ideas also reveal an emphasis on snacks that help to ward off the munchies. These products are often based on popular comfort foods and familiar flavors. Some examples of these crave-worthy snacks include bite-sized nachos, sandwich-inspired bars and snack-sized chocolates.