This 'BAAH-NILLA!' Creamy Gelato is Made with a Base of Goat's Milk

'BAAH-NILLA!' is a creamy gelato flavor from Victory Garden that swaps ordinary cow's milk for a goat milk dairy base.

In order to further enhance the flavor of the ice cream product, the rich goat's milk base is paired with whole vanilla beans and Mexican vanilla extract.

This take-home creamy gelato product sold through Victory Garden's online store is just one of the many frozen desserts it makes with a base of goat's milk. The web store also sells pints of Coachella Date, Honey Lavender and Chocolate Victory flavors. In its NYC store, all soft-serve ice cream products are made from goat's milk, which owner Sophia Brittan says is lower fat and richer in nutrition in comparison to cow’s milk.