- Nov 30, 2016
These animal-branded products range from wildlife wine labels to celebratory moon cake boxes that are adorned with ornate birds and underwater creatures. In addition to a number of artisanal beer and wine bottle concepts -- while Onice Design's creative wine labels feature image hybrids of human and animal subjects, craft beer brand Carlton United Breweries relies on a floral and colorful image of a yak which is used to represent its ale of the same name.

Other animal-branded packaging examples to take note of include fish-shaped tuna boxes that make the healthier food option more appealing to picky eaters or kids, along with dog-faced pet snack containers that are both quirky and functional.

Additional standouts in this realm include alpine tea collections and children's skincare lines that are adorned with personified wildlife characters.

From Wildlife Wine Labels to Celebratory Moon Cake Boxes: