This Line of Animal Food Uses Farm Creatures to Differentiate Food Types

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: & thedieline
The packaging for this farm feed brand was created by 'MIND' using a minimalist approach. The entire design was created for convenience and certainty. Each bag of food features the black image of an animal's face, which is directly placed on top of a brightly colored background.

The colors are all assigned to particular animals, while the image is an ideal way to ensure the consumer purchases the correct farm feed without confusion. This project was created to ease the the job of farmers and ensure that each animal is provided with the right food.

On a stylistic level, the brand's name 'FIBRA' is also part of the packaging. The 'F' is designed to stand out while also signifying the "foliage all in an organic and expansive movement representing FIBRA's constant evolution."