From Vegetable-Based Dog Biscuits to Sophisticated Feline Wines

 - May 15, 2017
From feline-friendly wine to vegetable-based dog treats, it is clear that contemporary pet food products are beginning to look more and more like human food.

One of the biggest shifts in pet foods has been the emphasis on the use of more natural ingredients. This can include vegetarian and vegan treats such as Huxley Hound's vegetable-based biscuits, Puppy Scoops' dog-friendly ice cream and V-dog's vegan Breathbones. The rise of these products mirrors the same consumer shift towards plant-based diets free from artificial ingredients and additives.

Aside from the shift to more natural ingredients, contemporary pet food products are also coming in unique formats. For instance, Apollo Peak now produces a wine-like beverage for both cats and dogs. Other human treats that have been given a pet-friendly makeover include Billy + Margot's Popcorn for Dogs, Yeti Dog Chew's 'biscotti' treats and Lily's Kitchen's pooch-specific cereal.