V-dog's 'Breathbones' are Made Without Animal Products, Soy and Gluten

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: v-dog
There are plenty of real animal bones for dogs to chew on, but V-dog is a company that specializes in making all-natural and vegan alternatives for furry friends.

'Breathbones' are small bone-shaped treats that begin as hard chews that eventually become soft as a pet gnaws and licks them. These treats are made with beneficial superfood ingredients like chia seeds, broccoli, sweet potato, parsley and cinnamon that are healthy and leave a dog's breath fresher and teeth cleaner than before.

Unlike many other pet treats on the market, Breathbones are vegan dog snacks that are made without any animal products, wheat, corn, soy and gluten. V-dog also promises that it leaves out by-products, fillers and other "fake stuff" from its formula.