From Pet-Monitoring Home Systems to Customized Dog Food Deliveries

 - Dec 22, 2016
These personalized pet innovations range from customized dog food deliveries to modular cat furniture that can be reconfigured to suit both open-concept and smaller spaces. In addition to a myriad of dog and cat accessories that are niche in their design, other standouts include 3D-printed turtle shells that can change the lives of disabled reptiles.

Other examples of personalized pet innovations range from canine selfie apps to customizable smart collars that prevent man's best friend from getting lost. Additionally, examples like pet-specific art galleries and dog-friendly social clubs are embracing pets as members of one's inner circle.

Diners that are designed to connect pet owners with a passion for food round off this list and are reflective of a surging market that is evolving from treats and toys to retail experiences and bespoke goods.