'Wilder & Harrier' Treats are Made from Cricket Protein

 - May 15, 2017
References: en.wilderharrier & montrealgazette
When it comes to chow, dogs are less picky than even the most adventurous human diner, and 'Wilder & Harrier,' a new dog food brand, recognizes that essential difference between canine and sapien sensibilities. Though the "training rewards," as the dog treats are called, are certainly desirable to any dog, their composition might make a more particular person squirm: the snacks are made from cricket protein.

Over the past few years, crickets have been breaking into the culinary world thanks to their impressive amount of protein and high degree of sustainability. Nonetheless, the biggest barrier for cricket protein is the visceral discomfort that many people from Western cultures feel towards the insects. Dogs hold no such qualms, so the healthy cricket protein bites from Wilder & Harrier are ideal for them.