Bad Dog Bakery's Red Beet Treats are a Pet-Friendly Superfood Snack

 - May 15, 2017
References: bad-dog-bakery.myshopify
As superfoods like beets become a more prevalent staple of consumers' daily diets, pet foods are also getting a health-conscious overhaul -- Bad Dog Bakery is a brand specializing in nutritious treats that embrace this notion.

While dog treats can sometimes get a bad rep for contributing to weight gain and heart conditions among man's best friends, Bad Dog Bakery's product offerings are less caloric and more nutritious. The brand's red beet dog biscuits are a great example that blends delicious flavor profiles with nourishing ingredients.

A source of antioxidants, these beet root dog treats can be used to reward one's pet, while helping them to maintain a shiny coat, and healthy weight at the same time.