- Dec 24, 2017
These subscription box gift ideas combine practicality with sentiment and offer something for the unique individual in your life, no matter how niche their interests seem.

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, offering consumers a wide assortment of products in various monthly increments. Ustraa offers a collection of carefully curated men's grooming products, like beard oils and shampoos, that encourage young men to look and feel good. Ambitious women may appreciate the 'Leader Ship Box,' which offers products designed to inspire the working woman.

Lush offers a bath bomb subscription service that ships a collection of vibrant and sweet-smelling bath accessories, for those looking to enhance their self-care routine. This list also includes black-only subscription services, which equip the stylish individual with fashionably dark clothing and even a prenatal subscription kit, for expecting mothers.

From Retro Candy Boxes to Puppy-Friendly Subscriptions: