My Curls Understood Delivers Products for Curly Hair After a Quiz

There are tons of products for curly hair on the market that promise to help people tame their wild tresses and save them from troubles like frizzing and tangling. But one of the issues that many people with curly hair face is simply finding the right products that work for them.

My Curls Understood is a company that's out to connect curly haired people with products from brands like MopTop, Maple Holistics and NYC Curls in a unique way. Each month, My Curls Understood curates a box of products for curly hair around timely themes such as solutions for heat control in the summer month of June. The brand also offers a Personalized Box, which matches individuals to products based on a one-minute quiz that has questions on a consumer's ethnicity and age, as well as the qualities of their hair.