From Inclusive Anti-Bullying Apps to Meat-Free Campus Clubs

 - May 3, 2017
These Gen Z social good innovations range from youth-focused feminism conferences to anti-bullying apps that aim to put an end to unfair treatment at schools. In addition to a handful of toys that encourage inclusivity -- from body positive and cultural fashion dolls to dolls that dispel gender stereotypes -- other Gen Z social good innovations include empowering children's programs that expose girls to engineering and mathematics from a young age.

Charitable and eco-friendly Gen Z innovations are also on the rise, with examples like animal conservation museum programs, and child crowdfunding platforms gaining attention in recent months.

Additional standouts include multicultural children's festivals, and short films that retell a traditional fairytale in a way that is geared towards young LGBT audiences. Another notable example -- MTV's Snapchat sex education program -- encourages open communication among youth while sharing stories from young influencers who are not only approachable, but also honest.