WOMB is a Crowdsourced Magazine Created on VFILES' Platform

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: mashable
The 'VFILES' platform is a website that allows its young users to submit artistic creations and raw images that they find appealing. The site, which is mostly a collection of Millennial and Gen Z street fashion, is the basis of VFILES' crowdsourced magazine, 'WOMB.'

The first issue, titled 'We've Got Issues,' is curated by VFILES' own users in collaboration with photographer Kevin Amato. The issue is extremely visual and consists of 104 pages that are filled with avant-garde photographs and minimal editorials. It's a deep look into what fuels youth today.

The magazine, as well as the VFILES platform, is a way for youth to collaborate, create and foster their culture. It would be wise for brands targeting the younger generation to pay attention to what is produced. Some companies and media personalities have already capitalized on this. For example, Calvin Klein is one of the magazine's supporters and has built a strong connection with the youth market. When viewing both the first issue and the site, images from Calvin Klein campaigns are littered everywhere.