From Crowdsourced Fashion Magazines to AR Sports Journals

 - Jun 27, 2017
These examples of alternative print media range from crowdsourced fashion publications to AR sports journals that aim to take one's traditional reading experience to new heights with a connected component.

Thanks to the growing prevalence of tech in every aspect of consumers' lives, traditional print publications are at a steady decline. Despite Millennials' and Gen Z's preference for digital media materials, the return of print is prevalent through artistic offerings that cater to niche interests and values.

Standouts include Boomer fashion publications like Refigural -- a magazine that dispels common stereotypes related to aging while promoting self-expression. Another notable example is 'Parents Latina,' a familial lifestyle publication specifically targeting Latin-American mothers with newborns or small children.

Whether rejecting non-inclusive notions of beauty or carving their own cultural niche, today's content creators are going beyond the digital sphere to offer alternative print media that is both authentic and informative.