From Multi-Sensory Magazines to AR Sports Magazines

 - Nov 1, 2017
Although there are many traditional print publications that have struggled to compete with many web platforms, a number of next-generation magazines are just being created and are thriving within their specific niches. This includes magazines that are centered around everything form veganism to mental health, offering a more in-depth look at topics that most mainstream magazines only touch on.

Magazines are now being enhanced with everything from AR/VR covers or editorials to scents, or supported with audio recordings and toys for kids. Some of the most noteworthy next-gen magazines include FKA Twigs' AVANTgarden, which is hosted entirely on Instagram, Teen Boss and Condé Nast's new LGBTQ platform 'them.'

Some brands that are now producing their own print publications include Kodak, with 'Kodachrome' and Airbnb, with 'Airbnbmag.'