'IT RAN' is a Unique Magazine That Features No Editorials or Articles

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: itran.biz & adweek
'IT RAN' is a unique magazine in Canada that will print only advertisements and no editorials or articles.

For a fee of $500, the advertisement-only magazine will print any type of ad, with no questions asked. The magazine is designed to be a spot where any advertiser can run an ad that they've previously had trouble getting published for one reason or another. As of now, IT RAN is now accepting submissions for its first issue, which will launch in the fall.

All of the money that's used to purchase full-page ads in IT RAN will go towards Canada's National Advertising Benevolent Society, which is described as a support system for "all Canadian professionals in the marketing and communications industry facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties."