'Anxy' Covers Topics Like Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Trauma and Shame

 - Oct 30, 2017
References: anxymag
There are a number of mainstream magazines that touch on various aspects of health and wellness, but few dive deep into the topic of mental health, which is extremely important to shed light on in the age of the Internet and social media.

'Anxy' sets itself apart as a publication specifically for those "who are tired of feeling ashamed of their emotions and mental health." The magazine covers a range of topics, including everything from anxiety and depression to trauma, fear and shame. The first 144-page issue from Anxy introduces The Anger Issue, which shares photography, poems, interviews and essays related to the human emotion that can be both disruptive and even dangerous.

Anxy is centered around building community and it shares a section on personal moments and experiences from readers.