From Meme Adoption Campaigns to Fandom-Centered Dating Apps

 - Jan 28, 2018
The top Internet ideas in 2017 include an array of apps to identify and prevent the spread of fake news, many niche products and services inspired by all of the hilarious and bizarre aspects of web culture, as well as plenty of anti-social media services that help users reclaim their privacy and protect their personal identity online.

permeated mainstream products and marketing in unusual ways. Some of the best examples of this both play off of YouTube culture, including IKEA creating a back-to-school commercial inspired by ASMR and L.O.L. Surprise! rolling out spherical toy packages for kids that focus on the unboxing experience.

In the coming year, consumers will be able to look forward to a greater number of online-to-offline stores, as well as a growing number of physical products and services that deliver the convenience ecommerce shoppers have grown accustomed to.