Singapore's 'Adopt a Meme' Turns Adoptable Animals into Memes

 - Jun 1, 2017
The SPCA in Singapore has implemented a new campaign called 'Adapt-a-meme' which utilizes popular internet culture to help find homes for their adoptable pets. The campaign intends to spread awareness of animal cruelty and encourage people to adopt furry friends in need, as appose to buying them from breeders or pet stores.

The campaign has turned each of their furry residents into adorably hilarious memes that can be 'liked' and 'shared' on social media. The SPCA hopes this will increase the animals chances of getting adopted. Photos of the animals are accompanied with silly captions, which express the pets' personalities with a light-hearted and humorous tone.

Adopt-a-meme combines a good cause with popular internet slang to speak a language Millennials and a more tech savvy generation would be interested in hearing.