- Jan 28, 2018
These top 100 humor trends range from tech-infused comedy platforms to hilarious data-driven billboards, reminding the consumer that laughter truly is the best medicine.

KFC demonstrated a humorous level of self-awareness in its Valentine's Day stunt, in which it handed out bouquets of fried chicken to its fast food-loving fans. Other companies used humor to help consumers navigate today's political climate, with the introduction of activist-themed card games like 'Nasty Feminist.'

In addition, humor was leveraged to help young people understand scary topics, like cancer. In its most recent campaign, the creative agency Sid Lee used a humorous commercial to promote its retro hotline service, which was put in place to help youth better understand breast cancer.

Over the course of the year, a number of humorous campaigns surfaced, notably, the Brahma Beer Ad which featured a series of looping videos that were inspired by GIFS. Also featured is the #HBOlikeamother campaign, which celebrated Mother's Day by asking famous people's moms to read crude lines their children have said on-screen.

From Avocado Bathing Suits to Meme Adoption Campaigns: