This Commercial for 'Kwiff' is Equal Parts Dark and Comical

 - Aug 20, 2017
References: kwiff & adweek
The sports betting app 'Kwiff' has just unveiled a series of anecdotal gambling commercials that use dark humor to describe the feeling of being 'Kwiffed.'

Kwiff has a feature on its app where users' bets are supercharged by randomly boosting the odds. This might be a small boost or a highly significant one, but the surprise and excitement is nonetheless adrenaline-pinching. To describe this feeling without actually connecting the feeling to the app, as restrictions on gambling advertising prohibits the use of positive feelings directly linked to the game, advertising agency Droga5 created a series of anecdotal gambling commercials.

The tagline of the series is "It's perfectly normal. Until its Kwiffed." In the lead ad, a couple gives birth to a fully grown, superior version of the father. This man is better than the father in every way, but the overwhelming sense of love and pride he feels for his son allows the pair to be placed in situations where the son shines and the father flounders.