GoDaddy Inc.'s Superbowl Commercial Makes Pop Cultural References

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: & prnewswire
GoDaddy Inc. is an affordable Internet domain registrar that recently unveiled its commercial for the upcoming Superbowl.

In the commercial, the main character is described as embodying the Internet and shows him going about his day. The commercial references many habits and pop culture trends that most people who use the Internet have grown accustomed to -- including mail pouring in from a window, an ice bucket shower, several cats on robotic vacuums, a panda, a reference to "likes" and meme references. The funny commercial works to target a younger demographic that may be unfamiliar with the brand's business and services.

GoDaddy's Superbowl commercial humorously captures the attention of anyone who is familiar with pop culture on the Internet.